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Prayer Concerns

It is important to pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Especially those who are sick or hospitalized, home-bound, or serving our country around the world. Our prayer chain is essential in this area. More information can be found below on the prayer chain.

Names can be added or removed from the prayer list as necessary by calling the church office. Addresses for our homebound or military serving members can be obtained through the office by request only. You can also submit your own prayer concerns right here online as well. Please follow the link below to submit a concern.

The prayer chain quietly continues its ministry day by day, linking all of us together in Christ's name. Throughtout each week the persons listed below will be praying for members and friends of our congregation, including those persons of the prayer list in the worship bulletin, and for issues of concern to us. If you would like to put name or concern of the Prayer Chain's list, please call Pastor Pagotto or any member of the chain. Names or concerns will remain on the list for two weeks unless we are told the request is for a longer time period. If you want to join the prayer chain, speak to Pastor Pagotto.

The prayer chain members can be found on the list on the bulletin board in the narthex or you can obtain a list by contacting the church office.

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